"You know you do!"

Robin's-Bikes-Destin-FloridaRobin Wilkes, originally from Panama City, began working in the bicycling industry in 1988. His love for cycling, not only as a sport, but a lifestyle, grew into a passion to share with others.

Robin’s Bikes & Fitness, Inc. was established in July 2000. It all started in an empty unit of a strip mall, with a telephone and a phonebook. There was no desk, no chair, no display cases, just a desire to create a bicycle shop that offered the best of the best that a cyclist would want.

Robin’s goal was to have great selections, “best of categories…not just great quality, but the best companies that stood behind their products”.



Robin’s Philosophy: There is a huge difference between Retail and Relationship. Robin’s Bikes & FITness is not just about selling product, Robin’s wants the customer to get the best product that FITs his or her specific and personal lifestyle.

At Robin’s, the closing of a sale is not the “end all”… it’s the beginning. Getting you involved, not in just the “sport” of cycling, but the lifestyle experience, is the goal.






In June, 2006, Robin’s moved to a free standing building, carrying a wide variety of bicycles, from beach cruisers to high end custom builds.

The address may have changed, but the philosophy has remained the same.







#1 IBD (Independent Bicycle Dealer) Allows Robin’s to sell a “Bicycle Lifestyle” integrating various brands, not just limiting the customer’s choices

#2 Quality/Reputation/Commitment to Cycling/Dealer and Customer Loyalty

#3 Philosophy: As cyclists, when it comes to quality, Robin’s asks, “Would I wear it, would I ride it, would I use it? If the answer is NO, then Robin’s won’t sell it”.