"You know you do!"





Our area offers great places to ride, you just have to know where to go. We encourage people to come by the shop and allow us to give you personal directions and tips on the best areas to go and not to go.





local-rides-2-editedIf it’s Road Biking you’re interested in, don’t let our “flat” terrain discourage you. Our favorite quote is, “Oh, you don’t have any hills down here, I was wanting to get a good workout.” Let us introduce you to our little friend, Wind. No matter where you ride, you’ll meet Wind, either coming or going. Robin has always said “the Wind is your friend” and it is important not to make her your enemy, she’ll always make sure you get a great workout. There is also a minor misconception about flat land being easier. If you’re not used to ‘constant pedaling’, you’ll be surprised at the type of a training you can get on the ‘flat’ roads of Destin.





local-rides-5-editedWe know it’s not all about training, watts, power and speed and understand that a lot of cyclists are on vacation that just want to “ride” for a change. We can show you some beautiful routes that take you right along the sandy white beaches of Destin and some quaint little beach-side shops and eateries.


Road Riding is especially tricky, if you don’t know the right places to ride, but can be amazingly enjoyable if you let us share our local knowledge.



leadville-editYes, we do mountain bike, and NO, there are no mountains. Robin’s and a few of our most dedicated riders have trained and competed in up to 4 Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike “Race Across The Sky” Races. If you are unfamiliar with this event, please check it out at http://leadvilleraceseries.com








local-rides-3-editedWe train right here in the Panhandle of Florida and have some of the best routes and terrain for that type of long distance mountain biking endurance event. We also have some really good “sandy single track”. The sand is kind of like our friend Wind, you’ll have to ride through it at some point.








redbay-editIf it’s a leisurely cruiser ride you are interested in, we can show you some very nice areas where you can enjoy that as well. There are a couple of “multi-use” paved pathways that wind through quaint shops and beachside restaurants and coffee shops.