"You know you do!"

People, Places, & Things

We have been very fortunate to meet people along the way that have inspired us and encouraged us to grow the sport and lifestyle of cycling.




One of those “Crews” is from Lexington, Kentucky. Every winter they come down, stay in the area and ride as many miles as they can put on their saddles. They are such a pleasure to be around and actually invited a group of riders from our area to join them for one of their Club events, the Horsey Hundred. (http://www.bgcycling.net)








Robin had the fortune of going to France and riding with a company called Destination Cycling (http://destinationcycling.com). It just happened, as he was climbing a mountain pass, a group of guys wearing Team Sky Kits rode by, followed by a Team car and he was able to capture these photos.








Every year our shop manager manages to sneak away to Copper Mountain, Colorado to participate in the Children’s Hospital Courage Classic Charity Ride. With the generous support of Destin local and not so local riders and friends, Amy collects donations to help the kiddos of Children’s. (http://www.couragetours.com)